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THE SAGA OF soup dates to the beginnings of cookery when ancient man hit on the idea of filling an animal skin bag with meat, bones and liquid, along with hot stones to cook the mixture.  With the invention of clay containers, the ingredients became more varied and were simmered over direct heat.  Thus was created the first pot a feu, or "pot on the fire."  Long acknowledged as a culinary mainstay, soups have been relished at international tables through good times and bad.  Settlers in the New World would would have perished without them.  On their historic voyage, the Pilgrims subsisted primarily on soups prepared in large pots suspended from overhead beams in the Mayflower.  In the kitchens of the early colonists, the predominant cooking utensils were kettles, filled most often with nourishing soups.  Soups, whether they be the old favorites of our forefathers or recipes from around the world, will always hold a place of honor on our menus.
Clear, cream, hearty, bean, bisque, gumbo or fruit --- the variety of soups is endless.  The two basic materials  you will need to create your soup in miniature are casting resin for the broth and Fimo modeling compound for the ingredients.  And, of course, you'll need a recipe to follow.
  Note:  two brands of liquid casting resin are currently available:  Castolite-AC Clear Casting Resin and Chemco Casting Resin.  Castolite resin was used here.  Both brands are available at miniatures and and craft stores.
Soup's on!
Create savory, tummy warming soups
for your next mini meal!

June 1984
by Mary Eccher - page 1 of 3
With a little Fimo and casting resin you can stir up
delicious soups like the ministrone, lobster bisque, chicken with matza balls, and swedish fruit pictured on left.
For detailed modeling compound instructions, please read the following articles in "Mary's Menus":
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The following project is for ministrone, an Italian vegetable soup.  It will show you the basic techniques for creating a soup in miniature.  After the project I have listed some guidelines to follow in adapting these techniques to the soup of your choice.
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