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A splendid feast
salted with sea air

JULY 1993
Place a loop of masking tape, sticky side out, on a piece of cardboard, then adhere metal lobster to tape.  Spray paint lobster with red automobile primer.  When dry, highlight with fine-tipped black magic marker.
Pair off similar sized shells for clams.  Place shells, domed-side up, on a sticky-side-out loop of masking tape, and paint with soft tan acrylic paint ( I used Folk Art Butter Pecan ). Let dry.
  Knead a touch of ochre Fimo into transparent Fimo until a good fleshy color is attained.  Break off a tiny piece and glue into shell using Bond 527 multi-purpose cement and a toothpick.  Then glue second shell at hinge to form clam, leaving clam partially open.  Bake clams in oven at 250 degrees for 10 minutes. 
Drawn Butter:
For drawn butter, mix resin and catalyst according to directions in a paper cup.  Add a tiny touch of yellow transparent dye and just a touch of white opaque color. Stir thoroughly.  Carefully pour resin mixture into a suitable serving vessel, drop-by-drop, using a toothpick. Allow to harden overnight.
Using yellow Fimo, roll ears of corn on a flat surface and shape to about  5/8 inch long and 3/16 inch wide at center.  If you wish to simulate kernels, pressed formed ear on a on a piece of fine netting, then reshape ear. Bake as directed.
  For husks, cut 1 inch by 1 1/2 inch rectangles from beige crepe paper, with grain of paper running vertically. Paint husks unevenly by stroking each rectangle with light green Magic Marker, leaving some beige showing between strokes.  With toothpick, apply a thin coat of rubber cement to husk.  Place ear of corn at edge of husk and gently roll husk completely around ear.  Twist together at top. When dry, trim away any excess. 
Knead a tiny bit of ochre Fimo in a piece of white Sculpey for an off white color.  roll irregular shaped balls about 1/4 inch in diameter.  With toothpick, poke several "eyes" in potato.  Bake as directed. 
  With X-Acto knife, scrape end of red-brown artist's chalk into fine dust.  Coat potatoes with chalk dust by rubbing it on with fingers. 
  Arrange and glue corn and potatoes in crates.  Paint all items with Fimo matte laquer.
Cranberry Pie:
Knead a bit of ochre Fimo in white sculpey for a pie crust color.  Roll a ball sized to fit in pie tin, rising slightly above the rim.  Press ball in pie tin and shape top of pie toward center with fingertips.  Flute edges of pie with a toothpick.
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