Materials for entire project are listed.  See
specific instructions for materials needed
to make individual items.

Fimo - Ochre, yellow, red, and transparent
Sculpey modelling compound, white
Resin and catalyst
Transparent resin dye: red, blue, and yellow
Opaque resins color, white
Paper cup, toothpicks and stirring stick
3/16 inch Kemper leaf cutter
Beige crepe paper
Craft knife

CLAMS, LOBSTERS AND SWEET CORN ........ mountains of them ........ are the heart of it all!  Anything else added to the pile, such as new potatoes, onions, crabs, chicken or whole fish, is just icing on the cake!  Serve it all up with baskets of bread and a crock of sweet butter and top it all off with oversized deep-dish berry pies.
  The Maine Shore dinner was discovered by an earle colonist, the story goes, who came upon indians grouped around a large blanket-covered pile.  Tantalizing clouds of steam seeped from the blanket.  Finding the aroma irresistible, the colonist shouted in delight.  tore off his jacket, and joined the group in their feast.
  The New England clambake is something else again, although the ingredients are often the same.  Once the lobsters and clams have been collected, a long pit is dug in the sand.  A wood fire is laid and when it's hot, rocks, coals, and more wood are added.  After several hours all tyhe wood is removed, leaving just the hot coals and rocks.  A layer of seaweed is placed over the coals.  Then, on go the lobsters, clams and corn, wrapped in separate burlap bags, and another layer of seaweed.  A potato in a knitted rope bag is placed on top and the whole pile is covered by a canvas.  Why the potato?  It's a natural timer.  When the potato is cooked, the seafood and corn are most likely done, too.
Instructions follow for some of the ingredients for your miniature shore dinner and clambake.  You can expand your feast by making several baskets, bowls or crates of the seafood and vegetables, and perhaps including a basket of crusty bread and muffins, a large pot of clam chowder, more deep-dish berry pies, and, of course, serving it all with ice cold beer!
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Magic Markers: light brown, light green, and black
Artists chalk: ochre and red-brown
Rubber cement
527 contact cement
Masking tape
Rust-color automobile primer
Metal miniature lobsters
Tiny seashells
Fimo matte lacquer
X-Acto knife
Miniature bowls, baskets, crates, and pie tins
Soft tan acrylic paint
A splendid feast
salted with sea air

JULY 1993
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Handcrafted Collectible Dollhouse Scale Miniature Foods, Beverages and Accessories
Handcrafted Collectible Dollhouse Scale Miniature Foods, Beverages and Accessories
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