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PLEASE NOTE:  There are two KINDS of resin (not brands) - CASTING RESIN and POLYMER COMPOUND RESIN.  CASTING RESIN is usually in a large can with a small bottle of catalyst.  It is mixed by adding the catalyst or "hardner" to the resin drop-by-drop.  Usual formula is 10 drops catalyst to 1 ounce resin.  POLYMER COMPOUND RESIN is a two-bottle kit which is used by mixing 1 part resin to 1 part catalyst.  I have listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.  BUT AFTER 20 YEARS OF TEACHING RESIN-WORK, I CAN TELL YOU THAT THE RESIN OF CHOICE FOR MINIATURES IS THE POLYMER COMPOUND RESIN.  THIS IS MAINLY BECAUSE THERE ARE NO FUMES.  It is readily available at miniature and craft shops under the brand names of Envirotex-Lite or Ultra-glo - also available at my website under SUPPLIES.

Strong Fumes
Water Clear Liquid
9-month shelf-life
Can be used in molds
Hardens tack-free in 4-6 hours
Hardens bubble-free
If poured into plastic containers, such as Chrysnbon, it will, in time, cloud the miniature.
This effect can be avoided by coating the interior surface with a water-based clear-medium to protect the interior surface from the resin

No fumes
Slightly Amber Tint
No shelf-life - just keep out of extreme temperatures to ensure this
Not for use in molds
Hardens tack-free in 24 hours
May harden with trapped bubbles
May be used in plastic miniatures with
NO problems
Accuracy in measuring 1 part to 1 part is crucial to obtain a tack-free surface
PLEASE NOTE:  From here on, I will be giving instructions and hints only for the POLYMER COMPOUND RESIN - the Casting Resin (with fumes) is not healthy for any of us, unless used outdoors.

Prepare work area by covering a level spot with layers of newspaper to protect surface.  Gather all working materials before you begin.  Pour the amount of polymer compound resin and catalyst needed (please remember - very accurate equal parts are vital to attain a tack-free surface) into a PAPER cup (not waxed) - never use glass or plastic.  Add the specified dye or color and STIR THOROUGHLY.  Carefully pour catalyzed mixture into the container to be filled.  Mixture usually begins to "gel" within 20 minutes (although the heat in the room could accelerate the time), and hardens completely in about 12 hours.

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