Please be patient while the room loads.
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Click on the "IMAGE" to enter the CHAT login page. 
               >>> DO NOT BOOKMARK THIS PAGE <<<

>>>>>> If you are prompted with Add on Chat.........Click Run
You will pass on to the Sign In Screen.

Enter your USERNAME or HANDLE and press the 'SIGN IN' button. 
You do not need an Account.  Just type in your name or handle and click on Sign In.
As to a name or "handle", please type a name you are known by in CHAT.
You do need JAVA.  Free JAVA DOWNLOAD BUTTON below.

Once you actually enter the CHAT ROOM, adjust the screen to fit your monitor.
At the bottom of the screen enter your greeting and press "SEND" or the "ENTER" key on your keyboard.
Your name and message will appear on the screen. 
A few additional perks come with this Chat Room such as who is in the room and the ability to change Font sizes, etc.
      >>>>>>> IMPORTANT >>>>>>When leaving the Chat Screen <<<<<<<
Exit by clicking on the SIGN OUT ICON at the bottom of the Chat Screen -->