Sculpey - white
Fimo - purple, emerald green, rose pink,  yellow, orange, blue
Polymer Compound Resin (2-part kit such as Envirotex-lite)
Transparent Dyes - purple, green, red, yellow, orange, blue
Paper Cup, Stirring Stick, Toothpicks
Miniature  Bowl, Pot, Cups, Egg Carton, Newspaper
Other props of choice such as, vinegar and wire dipper
For white eggs, roll a tiny ball of white Sculpey between fingertips, then use gentle pressure at one end to form egg shape.  Roll as many eggs as desired, dropping them into baking pan as you roll, then bake all in oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes.

For Easter eggs, knead a bit of the various colors of Fimo into white Sculpey to attain assorted pastels.  Follow instructions above.

Using Polymer Compound Resin (2-bottle kit), pour just a tiny amount of 1 part resin to 1 part catalyst  into a paper cup.  Add a drop or two of red transparent dye and STIR THOROUGHLY.  Fill miniature cup with resin mixture to about 2/3 full, drop-by-drop from the tip of a toothpick.  Put appropriate colored Easter egg into cup.  Allow to harden undisturbed overnight.

Repeat above instructions, using the different transparent dyes for coloring.

NOTE:   To reduce the amount of pouring and mixing, remember that you can mix two dye colors together to attain a third color.  For example, if you mix yellow dye into resin, and fill your cup, you then can add blue transparent dye to the yellow resin mixture to attain your green resin.  Give this a bit of thought before mixing.

For pot of hard-boiled eggs, do not add any color to resin mixture.  Pour "water" into pot and add white eggs.  (A "false bottom" of white Sculpey can be pressed into the pot to about half full, decreasing the amount of eggs needed for the pot.)

When all items have hardened, arrange your setting on newspaper as desired.
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