At first glance, the use of Polymer Compound Resin (such as Envirotex-lite) in miniature work may seem very complicated, but actually the formulas and techniques are comparatively simple and easily to master.  My purpose here is to acquaint you with the uses of resin - alone and in combination with Polymer Clays - to create authentic miniature foods and beverages. Beverages of all kinds, plus jello, soups and stews, sauces and gravies, food realistically cooking in pots etc.... - all are easily created with resin.

Raw eggs ready to be scrambled or ice cream melting atop a slice of warm apple pie - you can do it with resin.  A steak can become juicy, a pie luscious with fruit, an egg can splatter, a drink can spill.  Bathtubs can be filled with "water", dishes can soak in the sink, and an umbrella can leave a puddle in the hall.

Much of the pleasure derived form working with resin comes from experimentation. The use of "fillers" to create a certain texture for dishes such as pea soup or applesauce, the combining of transparent dyes and opaque colors to master the authentic look of a certain beverage -  these are the challenges you will face while learning the art of using liquid resin in your miniature cookery.

Envirotex-lite is a two-bottle bottle is the resin, the other is the hardener. When resin and hardener are stirred together, a chemical reaction sets up.  In a short time, the resin mixture heats up, then gels and then hardens fully in about 12 hours.  Dyes, colors and fillers can be added to the mixture.  The two most important points to remember when working with resin is that very accurate equal parts must be mixed together and be sure to STIR THOROUGHLY.  This will assure a tack-free project. For more information on working with resin, go to All About Resin here at Mary's Menus Projects.
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