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Catfish stew, collard or turnip greens, fried chicken, baked ham in pastry, biscuits and jam and the pecan and sweet potato pies shown above are all favorites from the Southern kitchen.  In some circles, this type of "down home"  cooking is known as "soul food."  The biscuits and jam on the right are always a fresh, flaky treat. 
  Note: Fimo "ingredients" are baked at 250 degrees for 10 minutes.
  Bacon pieces:  roll very thin snakes of transparent Fimo (about the diameter of pencil lead) and another of bordeaux red Fimo.  Place snakes together on flat surface and with handle of X-Acto knife, roll flat until very thin.  Bake entire flattened snake as directed and when cool, cut into pieces with X-Acto knife.
Potato cubes:  knead tiniest bit of ochre into piece of transparent Fimo.  Roll snake about the diameter of a toothpick.  Flatten top edge of snake slightly, then cut cubes with X-Acto knife.  Bake as directed.
Catfish fillets:  roll snake of transparent Fimo approximately 1/8 unch in diameter.  Cut thin slices with X-Acto knife, then texture each slice by "drawing" shallow lines on each with X-Acto blade.  Bake as directed.  Pour small amount of resin into paper cup.  Add a touch of red opague color and orange opague color to obtain week tomato color.  Add catalyst.  (Usual formula is 10 drops of catalyst to 1 ounce of resin.)  Stir thoroughly with stirring stick.  (Note: a "false bottom" of Fimo may be pressed into pot, thus lessening the amount of ingredients needed.)  Carefully pour catalyzed resin into pot until pot is 3/4 full.  Sprinkle in Fimo ingredients and arrange with tip of toothpick.  Allow to harden at least two hours. 
Materials and Supplies for this Project
Fimo - transparent, ochre
& bordeaux red
Resin & catalyst
Paper cup
Tooth pick
X-Acto knife
Red & orange opague color
Stirring sticks
Miniature pot or kettle
Fixin' Up the Vittles
JUNE 1985
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