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MAY 1985
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Resin and catalyst
Red and Orange opague color
Orange and Beige terrarium sand
Dried parsley flakes
Materials and Supplies for these Projects
X-Acto knife
Drinking straw & stirring sticks
3/16 inch circle Kemper cutter
Paper cup and toothpicks
Cold vegetable soup with accompaniments of diced cucumber, diced peppers and tomatoes, onion rings, croutons and shredded cheese.
  For soup, pour small amount of resin into paper cup.  Add a touch of red opague color and a touch of orange opague color.  Stir in some orange terrarium sand for texture and a bit of dried parsley flakes (finely crushed).  Add needed amount of catalyst (usual formula is 10 drops catalyst to 1 ounce resin) and stir thoroughly.  Carefully pour catalyzed mixture into miniature serving vessel and allow to harden undisturbed for at least 4 hours.
Diced Cucumbers --- Knead tiny bit of green Fimo into transparent Fimo until very pale green color is obtained.  Roll out on flat surface to 1/8 inch thickness.  Cut strips with X-Acto knife about 1/8 inch wide, then cut strips into tiny cubes.  Bake cubes in oven at 250 degrees for 10 minutes.  Let cool.
Diced Tomatoes --- Knead a bit of red Fimo into transparent Fimo and follow instructions above.
Diced Peppers --- Knead green Fimo into transparent Fimo and follow directions as above.
Croutons --- knead tiny bit of ochre Fimo into transparent Fimo and follow directions above.  For a "crumbly" look, place cubes in a paper cup and coat sparingly with thin gloss (such as clear glass stain) by dipping toothpick into stain and stirring a few drops into cup.  Sprinkle on some beige terrearium sand and stir again.
Onion Rings --- Roll transparent Fimo on flat surface until very thin.  Cut circles with 3/16 inch round Kemper cutter.  Cut center from circles with drinking straw.  Bake onion rings as directed above.
Shredded Cheese --- Knead a bit of yellow Fimo into transparent Fimo.  Roll out on flat surface until very thin.  Cut strips with X-Acto knife about 1/4 inch wide and bake strips as directed above.  Then slice strips thinly on a diagonal into shredded cheese.
Fimo - transparent, red, green, ochre and yellow
Miniature vessels
527 craft cement
Clear glass stain
1985 photo by Mary Eccher
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