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Ode to the Strawberry
Strawberry shortcake, huckleberry pie,
Mary Eccher certainly knows how to
whip up a terrific dessert
MARCH 1986
by Mary Eccher  page 3 of 3
Old Photo
Old Photo
Old Photo

  Follow procedure for making strawberries as described in making strawberry shortcake.  For leaf and stem roll out green Fimo that has been darkened with black on a flat surface until very thin.  Cut tops with 3/16 inch Kemper flower cutter and attach to wider end of unbaked strawberries.  Insert tiny stems which have been cut from covered hobby wire.  Bake as directed.
Tools and Materials for the THREE Projects
Fimo - Red, green, black, white and yellow
Polyform modeling compound
3/16 inch flower Kemper cutter
Hobby wire wrapped with green florists tape
3/4 inch round Kemper cutter
Miniature cake plate, pot, jars, bowl & berry box
Perch scraper or Velcro fastener
Resin and catalyst
Yellow terrarium sand
Amber glass stain
X-Acto knife
Paper cup, toothpicks
& stirring sticks
527 contact cement
Red transparent dye

  With red Fimo, roll several snakes about the diameter of pencil lead.  Bake as prescribed previously, then chop into tiny pieces with X-Acto knife.
  Pour small amount of resin into paper cup.  Add red transparent dye, then catalyst.  Stir thoroughly.  Carefully pour catalyzed mixture into canning jar, cooking pot, etc.  until about half full.  Add bits of strawberries and stir them gently with toothpick.
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