This page was last updated on: April 30, 2018
by Mary Eccher
I will celebrate your life for the rest of mine...
Welcome to the New Camp Chat Room
01. Click on the Chat button to Login.           (08) Now click on the Center Icon "Chat Rooms"
02. Create an Account.                                  (09) Then click on Camp.      
03. Enter a Username & Password.              (10)  Click on the Maximize Icon on top bar to    
04. Check ----- Save Password                              expand the page.
05. Click on New User                                   (11) Type in text and hit Enter Key.
06. Click Create Account                               (12) Click X in menu bar to exit.       
07. After Account is created,                          (13) Click Gear Icon and Click Sign Out
      Click Sign-In                                             (14) Click back arrow key on Browser Bar.