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"International  Potluck"
Foods of Our Heritage
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Foreign flavors blend into a taste of America
Dutch split-pea soup
Dutch split-pea soup (The Netherlands): 
Smoked pork hocks and sausage provide the intriguing flavor that has made erwtensoep a national dish in The Netherlands.  According to Dutch tradition, the soup should be so thick that a spoon should stand upright in it.
  For pork hocks, knead a touch of ochre Fimo into a bit of transparent Fimo, then knead this into rosewood Fimo only until a marbleized mixture is attained.  Roll a snake approximately 1/8 inch diameter, then cut into small pieces with X-Acto knife. Bake at 250 degrees for 10 minutes.
  Mix resin in paper cup.  Add avacado opague color and a touch of white opague color.  Stir in just enough yellow terrarium sand to form consistency of very thick soup.  Carefully pour catalyzed mixture into tureen or serving dish.  Add and arrange pork hocks to float on top of soup.  Allow to harden undisturbed overnight.
Tools and Materials
Fimo --- Transparent, Ochre & Rosewood
Paper cup, stirring sticks, toothpicks
Opaque resin color: white & avacado
X-Acto knife
Terrarium sand: Yellow
Miniature dishes: tureen or serving dish
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