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"International  Potluck"
Foods of Our Heritage
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Foreign flavors are now American
Irish Stew
Irish Stew (Ireland): 
This hardy concoction was originally made from ingredients raised or grown locally on the farms.  The toughest cuts of mutton or goat became tender during long, slow cooking and imparted their rich, strong flavor to potatoes and onions, the only vegetables include in an authentic Irish stew.
  Nowadays, the stew is made with lamb, and other vegetables, such as carrots, turnips and celery, may be included. 
  For lamb pieces, knead a small piece of rosewood with transparent Fimo that has been slightly tinted with ochre Fimo.  Do not blend together completely, but leave marbleized.  Break off tiny irregular pieces and texture each slightly with fingernails or toothpick. 
  For potatoes, use transparent Fimo slightly tinted with ochre. Roll a snake about 3/16 inches in diameter.  Cut potato slices with X-Acto knife.
  For onion rings, roll transparent Fimo out on a flat surface.  Cur circles with 3/16 inch Kemper circle cutter, then cut centers out of circles with small, plastic drinking straw.
  Place all ingrdients on baking pan and bake at 250 degrees for 10 minutes.  When cool, arrange ingredients in miniature cooking pot or tureen.
  Mix a small amount of resin in a paper cup.  Add just a touch of yellow transparent dye, and stir thoroughly.  With toothpick, drizzle resin mixture over stew in pot.  Stir gently until all ingredients are coated.  Sprinkle on powdered parsley flakes and let harden undisturbed overnight.
Tools and Materials
Fimo --- Transparent, Ochre, Rosewood
Resin and catalyst
Paper cup, stirring sticks, toothpicks
Transparent resin dye: yellow
X-Acto knife
Miniature dishes: cooking pot, tureen
Dried parsley flakes, powdered
Small plastic straw-drink stirrer
3/16 inch Kemper circle cutter
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