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    Figs are made by mixing a bit of caramel Fimo into transparent.  Roll ball about 1/8 inch diameter.  With fingertips, gently taper one end while slightly flattening the other end.
    Bake all fruit varieties in oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes.  Let cool.  Pour small amount of resin into paper cup.  Add just a touch of white opague color, then catalyst.  Stir thoroughly.  Carefully pour catalyzed mixture into miniature serving bowl until half full.  Sprinkle in dried fruits and arrange with toothpick.  Allow to harden undisturbed overnight.
Foods With A Heritage
Jewish cooking traditions are based 
on dietary laws established nearly
2000 years ago

APRIL 1986
Photo by Mary Eccher
by Mary Eccher
Tools and Materials
Fimo --- ochre, transparent, orange,
terra cotta, black and caramel
Resin and catalyst
1 inch piece cut from drinking straw
White opague color
Paper cup, toothpicks, stirring stick
Miniature platter
X-Acto knife
Miniature serving bowl
  For apple slices, knead a bit of ochre Fimo into transparent.  Roll out on a flat surface and cut circles with 1 inch piece of plastic drinking straw.  Put holes in center of each circle with toothpick.
  For apricots, roll tiny bit of orange Fimo about 1/16 inch diameter.  To shape, press ball onto rounded end of Kemper modeling tool. Texture with X-Acto knife.
  Prunes are made by darkening terra cotta Fimo with black.  Roll ball 1/16 inch in diameter.  Mold into prune shape and texture with X-Acto knife.   
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