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Feast From The Emerald Isle
The land of lucky charms and leprechauns boasts an array of delicious fish, lamb and potato dishes

MARCH 1985
by Mary Eccher
Tools and Materials
Fimo - Rosewood, transparent and ochre
Catalyst and resin
Small plastic stirrer-type drink straw
3/16 inch Kemper pattern cutter, circle
Yellow transparent dye
Parsley flakes crumpled to a powder
Paper cup, toothpicks & Stirring sticks
X-Acto knife
Miniature cooking pot
    For lamb pieces, knead a bit of rosewood Fimo with transparent Fimo that has been slightly tinted with ochre.  Do not mix together fully, but leave it marbleized. Roll this out on flat surface to thickness of about 1/16 inch. With X-Acto knife, cut into 1/8 inch wide strips, then cut again into 1/16 inch strips.  Texture each lamb piece with fingertips or tip of X-Acto knife and drop onto baking pan.  For potatoes, use transparent Fimo and shape into tiny irregular ovals about 1/4 inch long.  Drop these onto baking pan.
For onion rings, roll out a bit of transparent Fimo on a flat
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surface. Cut circles with 3/16 inch circle pattern cutter, then cut centers out of circle with small, plastic drink straw.  Drop onion rings onto baking pan and bake all ingredients at 150 to 200 degrees for 10 minutes.  When cool, arrange ingredients in miniature cooking pot.
    Pour very small amount of casting resin into paper cup.  Add just a touch of yellow transparent dye.  Stir.  Add catalyst (usual formula is 10 drops catalyst to 1 ounce resin) and stir thoroughly with stirring stick.  With tip of toothpick, drizzle resin mixture over stew in pot.  Do this carefully, drop-by-drop, until all ingredients are coated.  Sprinkle on some crumbled parsley flakes and let harden undisturbed for at least two hours.
Irish Stew
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