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Photo by Mary Eccher

Mary Eccher helps you top off  your
Thanksgiving meal with these
scrumptious desserts

November 1986
Old Photo by Mary Eccher

Fimo - orange, caramel and white
Polyform Modelling Compound
3/4 inch Round Kemper cutter 
Amber transparent stain
Beige terrarium sand
527 contact cement 
Toothpicks and X-Acto knife
Fimo matte finish paint
Miniature platter
Knead together one part orange to one part caramel Fimo.  Pale this mixture with a bit of white Fimo.  Roll out on flat surface to 1/4 inch thickness.  Cut cake using 3/4 inch round Kemper cutter.  Roll cake a bit flatter, being careful not to distort edges.  (Use handle of X-Acto knife to do this.)  Bake cake at 250 degrees for 10 minutes.  To achieve effect of graham cracker crust, pour small amount of beige terrarium sand onto piece of waxpaper.  Using toothpick and amber glass stain, draw thin line of stain around outside bottom edge of cake, then gently touch line of stain into sand.  It is easiest to work on 1/3 of circumference of cake at a time.  Remove any excess sand with a toothpick.  Let dry.
   For whipped cream, roll very thin snake of Polyform Modelling compound about the diameter of pencil lead.  With toothpick, run a thin line of 527 cement around top edge of cake.  Place snake around edge cutting off excess ends.  With tip of X-Acto knife, texture snake into fluffy whip cream.  Glue bit of polyform to center of cake and texture as before.  Bake cake at 250 degrees for 10 minutes.  When cool, paint with Fimo matte finish paint.  When dry, glue on platter.   
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