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Elegant Entertaining for the Holidays

Complete your lavish buffet with a skirted
buffet table, crystal ice sculptures
and frosty fruit

by Mary Eccher and Jean kelly
December 1985  - page 2 of 5
Materials: Red, yellow, leaf green, orange, green, white, ochre, bordeaux red and transparent Fimo  *  Perch scraper (available at pet shops)  *  Hobby wire  *  Green and brown florist tape  *  Modeling tool  *  Orange, brown and green Craypa/Oil Pastel  *  Clear glass stain  *  Toothpicks  *  X-Acto knife.
  Stems: These are made by wrapping wire with either green or brown florist tape.  Cut to size.
  Modeling Tool:  Roll ball of Fimo, preferably white or transparent.  Dip one end of toothpick into a bit of white glue and insert into ball.  Shape ball into teardrop by rolling betwen fingertips toward center of toothpick. Leave other end of toothpick as is.  Bake tool in oven at 250 degrees for 10 minutes.
  All fruits are baked in oven at 250 degrees for 10 minutes.  "Blushing" is done by stroking on a few lines of specified Craypa and smudging with thumb or piece of cotton.  For glossing effect paint fruit with clear gloss such as Clear glass stain or Fimo lacquer.
  Note:  Depending on the size of the ice sculpture centerpiece, you must determine how much fruit that must be made.
  Apples:  Use red Fimo for red delicious apples and yellow paled with white for golden delicious.  Roll ball between fingertips.  Using rounded end of modeling tool, make slight indentation at top of angle.  With pointed end of tool, poke bottom of apple.  With gentle pressure, shape with fingertips into desired aple shape.  Insert brown stem.  Bake.
  Pears:  Use leaf green Fimo paled with yellow for green pears and yelloe paled with white for yellow pears.  Roll ball between fingertips, then taper one end into pear shape.  Insert brown stem into tapered end aand, with modeling tool, make slight indentation in bottom of pear.  Bake.
  Peaches:  Use yellow Fimo.  Roll ball between fingertips.  With modeling tool, make slight indentation in top of peach, then poke center of indentation with pointed end of modeling tool.  With backside of X-Acto knife blade, make line indentation down the side of peach.  Gently squeeze the identation together with fingertips.  Bake.  Blush with orange craypa.
  Bananas:  Use yellow Fimo.  Roll ball between fingertips.  On a flat surface, roll into banana shape with forefinger, tapering at both ends, one a little more than the other.  Curve top of the banana slightly.  Bake.  When cool, blush slightly with green craypa if desired.  With brown craypa, color top and bottom ends of the banana and draw four lines down sides.           
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